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Thank you for visiting! I write thrilling romance with heat, heart, and pockets of humor. Some of my books include the paranormal because…what if? Whether you wear high heels, steel-toed boots, sneakers, flip flops, or cowboy boots, these characters are you… People in diverse occupations and life-styles, minding their own business, doing what they do: making a living, searching for meaning, interacting in the various microcosms of their community. People who wake up one day to discover that their lives have been turned upside down by forces beyond their control.

I hope you’ll join me on the journey.


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Unholy Inc, Book 3

~~~ This is the Guardian Origination novella. Alexios & Sophia Part 1 (no cliffhanger) ~~~

Ruthless warrior Alexios of Sparta straddles two clashing cultures. As the bastard son of a slave woman and one of Sparta’s kings, his status as heir to the throne inflames not only the aristocracy, but also weaves distrust among the slave class who raised him.

Only Sophia understands his isolation.

The clumsy, crusading princess embodies everything Spartans despise. Softness in a culture that idolizes strength. Passion where there should be self-control. And an unquenchable hunger for equality in a society built on the back of slaves.

He should criticize Sophia like all the others. Mock her when she champions the weakest among them. Turn a cold shoulder when dangerous forces conspire against her.

By the gods, he has his own bloody agenda, and it doesn’t include a silly girl with stars in her eyes…

Yet when she implores his aid to remap Sparta’s legacy, he must choose between avenging a terrible wrong, or risk everything for the woman whose redeeming love might just be mightier than his sword.