On Hats, Men and Sex Appeal

“You can leave your hat on…” Joe Cocker may have been talking about a woman in his epic song, but in my mind, ooo, this so applies to men, as well.

What is it about a man in a hat? Just about any hat will do. There are fedoras, stocking caps, military hats of all sorts, law enforcement hats, cowboy hats, pirate hats (LOL), baseball hats, and…yeah, the styles and varieties are endless.

A hat speaks to me. It communicates something definitive about the man wearing it. It reaches across time and space to say, I’m a man who knows what I’m doing, I’m in the game,  I know what I like, and I know who I am.

In other words, in most cases, hats convey confidence (or at least he’ll fake it until he makes it).

And what’s sexier than that?

In my book, this potent hat appeal applies to all guys – no matter what their age. There’s something about a hat that instantly makes the wearer more youthful, more virile, more cowboytake charge. Pop a hat on your grampa or your dad (without the straight bill!!! see caveat below) and see if you don’t agree. 🙂

Here’s that caveat: major turn off for me…baseball hats with the brim straight and flat, or with the brim turned to the side.  No, no, no. Just no.

(Well, unless you dig that sort of look. In that case, work it because that’s your style and someone out there will love it. LOL)

Hats are so freaking hot on men.

Don’t even get me started about cowboy hats. It must be the rugged activities cowboys are known for that ups the sex appeal of a man in a cowboy hat – a symbol of the old West, of mastering thousand pound animals without speech, of being able to read nature and silently getting the job done even if it means getting bruised and bloody in the process.

Out of every kind of hat, though, it’s the baseball hats that really get to me. I still remember when I was dating my husband and he’d wear his beat-to-shit, light blue one. Lordy, the way his hair would curl up over the edges of his cap drove me freakin’ crazy in an oh-so-good way. And when he would turn it around so the brim was facing backwards…


Effin’ hot.

I don’t know what it is about that backwards baseball cap thing that just says to me, “shit’s about to get serious.” Who doesn’t love it when a man turns up the intensity?

So what about you? Do you love a man in a hat? What type of hat gets your motor revvin’? Guys, what type of hats do you wear?

11 thoughts on “On Hats, Men and Sex Appeal

  1. Great post Misty. I am so NOT a country girl, and I still love a man in a cowboy hat. Makes me think of one very sexy guy I knew in college. I also like that fedora Matt Bomer wears on White Collar. Not everyone can pull that off, but he sure does.

  2. I’ve never been much of a hat girl. My first real date with my husband, he wore one of those winter hats with the flaps. I didn’t know what to think. Yes, it was cold and snowy, but still…

  3. This post is hilarious! Great read. I never knew there was so much depth and meaning in a guys hat. I think I’m going to wear one more often.

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