On Disappointment & Acceptance of Imperfection

So, a few days ago I returned home from what DH and I had not only long anticipated, but long-planned. Our first vacation in four years. Everything had been carefully orchestrated from our work schedules to who was going to look after the children. We were packed. We were ready.

We were stunned.

I’ll spare you the tedious details, but suffice it to say, bad luck stalked us from our home airport to our destination three thousand miles away. What should have been eight days of rest and relaxation in surf and sand snowballed into…not that. At all.

bad vacation

In our carefully scheduled lives, it’s so frustrating when things go awry. We like to be in control. So what happens when we’re not?

Should we bitch and moan or go with the flow?

Obviously a rhetorical question because what good does it do to rage against the machine after the fact? It was simply bad luck. I certainly had my moments of complaining, head shaking, and self-pity, but maybe it’s an age thing because, I’m over it. Like, way earlier than I thought I’d be.


Zen 2

I feel like I’ve done a metaphysical shrug over the whole ordeal (what a perfectly apt word in this case). I feel like the experience has somehow bolstered not only my compassion for others, but also an acceptance of imperfection (gasp!). This is a “so be it” attitude I’m growing more comfortable with as the years go by. How does that expression go? Let your cares roll off your spirit like water off a duck’s back. Or some shit like that. You get the idea, eh?

And, it feels pretty good. That form of positive inner growth – I dare say, the cultivation of Zen – is infinitely better than one carefree week on a beach. I’ll get some sun on my face and sand between my toes again…one of these years. 🙂

Have you cultivated an acceptance of imperfection? How are you growing your Zen?

4 thoughts on “On Disappointment & Acceptance of Imperfection

  1. I’m so sorry that that is the way your well deserved Vacation went. But I’m not surprised at the growth that you gained from it. You have an amazing attitude when it comes to turning “Lemons into Lemonade”. I’ve learned a few lessons in my many years of life and one of which is just as you said basically….You worry about the things you can control and make the best of the one’s you can’t. The Good Lord will make it up to you in some way. You’re too good a person for Him not to….Onward and Upward….Your friend, Ed

  2. Wow, that’s too bad, Misty. I know you were looking forward to your vacation. I’m glad you were able to shove your disappointment aside and move on. I too find as I get older, it’s easier to let go of discontent and just move on. Which is a good thing!

    1. Right! If we’re so focused on the bad stuff beyond our control, we miss opportunities to be be happy. Life is way too short to miss out on the good stuff! I’m loving getting to know you more, Renee. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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