Misty’s New Year’s Smackdown.

Happy 2014! *blows kisses*

I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I am all over that shit because I’m soooo sick of clutter in my life.

Do you think I need a toilet paper hoarding intervention? JEZUS.

Right now, with the exception of a few sentimental items, I could almost burn my whole house down and start over with a clean slate. I’m showing you the two worst areas in my house (my laundry/mud room and under the stairs) because it will MAKE me do something about it. I’m not generally a packrat, and I regularly take loads of “stuff” to good will, but still, I’ve been in my house for fourteen years and stuff is freakin’ everywhere.

Do I need to fill up every available wall, shelf, or closet? Just because Bath and Body Works is having a buy 3, get 3 sale, does that mean I HAVE to get six bottles of lotion that sit in my bathroom cupboard for the next nine months? Do I really need four sets of dishes, five types of soda for unexpected company, eight decorative pillows that I might “someday” re-cover, and twelve winter coats (yes, I live in North Dakota, but still…)?


Holy crap. No, no, no!

All this excess is definitely a First World Problem, and I should know myself better by now. Too much clutter saps my energy, requires more time cleaning and maintaining, and takes my focus away from other things I want to recommit myself to in 2014. Like creating fun family memories. More productive writing time. And yes, more sex!

How does clutter inhibit your sex drive, you ask? The whole sapping-energy bit.

I know a lot of people love to be surrounded by their tchotchkes, their memory-rich mementos. And that’s totally cool. But I’m just the opposite. Too much stuff makes me feel claustrophobic. Distracted. Dare I say…twitchy?

I need clean, organized spaces to breathe. To move. To feel creative.

I’m the reader hungry for white space on the page.

Like this.



The black hole under my stairs. You wouldn’t believe how deep it goes to the right. FML.

Does this resonate with you, too? Are you like me and ready for a clutter smackdown? Should we start a Support Group? Seriously, if you’re ready for a change like me, strap in for the ride. I can’t promise a 12-step plan, but here’s what I’m gonna do to get rid of shit.

  • If I haven’t worn, used, sat on, or looked at something in one year, it’s going to good will.
  • If it’s broken, torn, or otherwise out of commission, and I don’t have it repaired by February 28, it goes in the trash because it’s obviously not that important to me.
  • I will take pictures of my kids’ artwork and projects and put them into a bound Snapfish album, and then dispose of all but my absolute favorites or use them for wrapping paper.
  • If I don’t absolutely LOVE something, I want it gone.
  • I will tackle one room per month. I will write the specific rooms down in my planner so I’m mentally prepared.
  • I will reward myself after tackling the disaster under my stairs. But the reward won’t be more “stuff” – probably supper and a movie.
  • I will reward myself after tacking my jewelry drawer. Yuck.
  • I will likewise reward myself after tacking the “junk” cabinet. Yes, a junk drawer would never fit all of our shit, so we have a whole cabinet for our junk. Double yuck. LOL

I call this a smackdown because it’s definitely a challenge. Yes, it means more work up front, but the payoffs will be simplicity, serenity, creativity.

And of course, this means a new attitude going forward about all my future purchases. I plan to be very selective about what I buy. Quality and versatility over quantity. Just because that sweater is 80% off doesn’t mean it needs to go in my closet if I don’t totally love it. Right? (The only exception to this rule is going to be sex toys because we can’t have too many of those. LOL)

So anyway, where are you at on the clutter love-hate scale? I hope I’m not the lone hater! 

2 thoughts on “Misty’s New Year’s Smackdown.

  1. Oh my 🙂 I mean you can never have too much toilet paper, right?! We moved last summer and I was appalled at the STUFF we had everywhere. Def 1st world problem–Good LUCK!

    1. We’ll be moving in about two years, Susannah, and I’m determined to have not only less “stuff” by the time we move, but also to have better organization in the next home. Adding a new puppy to our house wasn’t the smartest move right now when I’m in the “simplifying” stage. LOL

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