Stay Away from Dean Winchester, He’s Mine

So, a couple of months ago I decided to see what all this “Supernatural” fuss was all about. Dude, bad move because now I’m hooked just like everyone else.

(if you click on all the gifs, it will give them to you in a new window. Follow the link in the browser bar to go to the originating site — Cherry Monik’s site)

Of course this means now I can’t ever go to sleep because I’m seeing, hearing and dreaming about demons and scary-as-fuck supernatural entities. This is me…

But then Dean does one of these…

Or these…

and I’m Supernatural’s bitch again.

Of course, Sam is smokin’ hot, too.

Fuck yeah, Sammy’s abs. How can a girl go wrong with these two bad ass demon hunters?

Really, the relationship between Dean and Sam is why I watch. Their relationship is intense and very layered: sweet, salty, and hilarious. I just had to get that off my chest because I’ve never had a TV boyfriend before. So how about you…Supernatural addict? What’s that you say? Not yet? Oh, you will. After this…

Any questions? If you want to start at the beginning like I did, Netflix is evil has every season except the current one, I believe.

So let’s hear you weigh in. Are you a Supernatural fan, and if so, are you Team Dean, Sam or Castiel? 🙂

3 thoughts on “Stay Away from Dean Winchester, He’s Mine

  1. I’ve been a Supernatural fan since day one and been a Jensen Ackles fan since his days on well .. Days Of Our Lives back when he played a goodie goodie.. So it’s Dean Winchester all the way to hell and back.

    1. Yay, Mya, I guess we’re in this together then!! I’m halfway through Season 5 as of this morning, and I bawled my head off when Jo and Ellen died! 😦

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