My “no writing” summer…in pictures

So I’ve pretty much been on hiatus from all social media for a while now, and I have to say, it’s been wonderful. Not that I haven’t missed all my awesome online buddies, but I’ve focused all my attention on my hubby and kids, as well as sundry projects that have been languishing (for freaking ever). My latest craze? Refinishing old furniture and spray painting everything that can be removed or disassembled with my new favorite toy: my mini-drill.

Isn’t she pretty?! I quite love her. I got her at Fleet Farm for around $45.


This awesome little drill fits perfectly in a woman’s hand and makes me feel all boss about home projects. Like this fast and OMG EASY update…


These kitchen cabinet pulls look sooo much better with a coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint than they did when they were BRASS. Yes, brass. Dude. Can you say outdated? Next in the line of fire are my brass floor lamps and brass-trimmed towel bars. One tip if you decide to try this fun little update yourself. Lay your pieces on WAXED paper instead of regular paper and use very fine coats so the paint doesn’t run. Trust me, it’s worth the extra time it takes to do multiple coats when you have a professional-looking finish instead of one that shows freeze-dried-looking drips.

This summer I’ve resurrected my (mediocre) furniture refinishing and distressing skills. I bought a heavy, dark wood armoire on Craigslist for $100 and repainted it an antique white. Sorry this pic is so blurry with bad lighting, but I think you get the idea. Anyone can do this! Just takes some heavy-grit sandpaper, paint, time and elbow grease. 🙂


 But this summer has been a lot more than simply projects.
We spent a lot of time just being in nature and observing cool things like dew and toads and beautiful sunrises and really big trees.


sunrise-on-the-lake toads woods

 I also visited my brother and parents in Colorado who took me golfing and didn’t even laugh at me (too much). Aren’t they cute?


 The elk was pretty cool, too.


 I also gave my flowers and yard some much needed attention this summer. I love peonies!


 We did a lot of pretty hair dos.


 Played at the fair and the pool.



And caught A LOT of fish (no tall tales required for a few of them!). Hello, Mr. Muskie.


 And through it all, I made sure I didn’t stink. (Bath and Body works addiction + sale = yikes)


This summer has been a truly wonderful break. But I’m very excited to get back to work on my stories when the kids go back to school. Less than two weeks and I’ll go back in time to ancient Sparta where a heroine finds herself on the brink of the biggest change of her life. It will either break her, or set her free. Or maybe she has to break before she can be set free….

Hope all of you guys have had a wonderful summer as well!

Until next time, xoxo

misty 🙂


2 thoughts on “My “no writing” summer…in pictures

  1. Misty:
    Summer must be the time for all this. I too am doing projects around the house. Painting my kitchen cabinets with oil based enamel and boxed up half a house so they can lay flooring. And I have new counter tops ordered for the kitchen. So glad I don’t have to go back to school. Now that I’m retired from teaching I pretty much write full time. I can’t wait to get to my computer in the mornings and get started.
    You’ll be the same once the kids go back to school.
    Write on,
    Teresa Reasor

    1. Hi Teresa, sounds like you’re going to have a fabulous end product! Kitchen makeovers are awesome because we spend so much time there! LOL. I’m finding that I really love these do-it-yourself home projects. I think it uses both sides of your brain at once. It’s also so rewarding to see the end result.

      Have fun writing. I’m so excited to pick up where I left off this spring! 🙂

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