New Excerpt from the Guardian Series

Because I’m doing the absurd and waiting until every book is finished before I release the Elemental Guardian series, I figured I should at least scatter a few breadcrumbs from time to time. Here’s a scene toward the beginning of TERRA (Book 1) where Jessie, a celebrated mixologist, finds out what Nate (her supernatural boss) has brewing up his sleeve (or rather, in his pants). Enjoy! 🙂


embrace“You might want to reassess your loyalties, Jessie. Mr. Jacobs wouldn’t have had to sell out if he wasn’t feeding heroin and Molly to every asshat with enough tenners. The bloody bastard’s lucky we gave him bank instead of a court date,” Nate said.

Jessie shook her head. “He was set up. I plan to prove it.” By you was the unsaid accusation.

You little piece of work. Someone pounded on the bathroom door. “Clear off!” He barked, then swung back to Jessie. “We’re far from done here. Stay, and I’ll raise your pay twenty-five percent. For every year you work for me, I’ll pay a year of your tuition.”

When her lips parted in surprise, Nate held his breath. The sassy little bugger was gonna say no. His heart bottomed out a moment before she opened those wet-dream lips.

“No, thank you.”

She turned toward the door. Nerves clenched in his gut like when he was a child begging for food. He took one step toward her before he forced himself to stop. “You’d be a fool to turn this down.”

She spun around. “You’re the one trying to buy me. That makes you the bigger fool I’d say.”

Losing was not an option. Not now. Not ever. “For every year you work for me, I’ll raise your pay twenty five percent, pay a year of your tuition, and all of your grandparents’ expenses for the entire year so they can remain together.”

Her mouth dropped open, and his gut spasmed. He was treading in uncharted waters here.

What? How do you know about my grandparents? Are you stalking me?”

“Angel, I don’t need to stalk any woman.” He pretended not to hear her curse him under her breath. “Keeping your grandparents together is on your bucket list.” The look on her face last night when she’d told him about that made him wonder what it would feel like to have someone love you that much.

“Why would you do that?” she whispered.

If I told you, you’d never believe me. “Because I can.”

She remained silent for a time, and this felt way more important than it should. How many excellent bartenders, DJs, and support staff had he successfully recruited and hired in the past six years? If he couldn’t keep Jessie, there’d be someone else.

There would.

But he’d never seen these vibrant colors, nor tasted these exquisite flavors like he did when she was around. And quite frankly, he’d lie, cheat, and manipulate a bloody unicorn out of its magic horn before he gave it up.

“What’s the catch?” she asked.

He needed her in this club, for him. And to attract the demons he hunted. But she couldn’t know that. He looked into her beautiful blue eyes and knew this would be the best bad proposition he’d ever made. “Sleep with me.”

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