Who’s ready to go FLIRTING WITH FIRE? New release + excerpt!

Hey gang, I’m so excited to announce that today is THE. DAY. my novella, FLIRTING WITH FIRE (along with the other four stories in the series) RELEASES!!!


This story was so much fun to write because the main characters constantly find themselves in playful situations…and the way they react gets them into trouble more often than not! LOL The story features an all-work-and-no-play firefighter (Cole) whose sister tricks him into a week-long getaway with a stranger….a bohemian fourth-grade school teacher (Ivy) with as much pluck as she has issues. Get ready for laughter, sparks, and mayhem!

I’ve had several people already ask for Mya’s story (the hero’s sister) because she is such a spitfire. I am seriously considering it. God help me, though, she’s a handful.

If you take a chance on this story, I hope you enjoy the ride! You can find it in print and ebook at Amazon. It’s also on Kobo and coming soon to Barnes and Noble.

Ready for that excerpt? 🙂


“Oh chica, as much as I would love to spend the week with you, your suite mate winner is mi hermano, Cole,” Mya gushed.


Mya’s continued chatter melted into white noise in the background as Mr. Dark and Dangerous raised gorgeous hazel eyes to hers. Intelligence, pain, and all-out warning projected from his gaze.

Good grief, he totally didn’t want to be here.

She could see his and Mya’s resemblance now. The insider looks they shared made sense, too, though as an only child, Ivy could only dream about that kind of connection.

Cole turned to the resort manager, Conway. “Mya will have my week.”

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Mya chased after his broad back.

Conway folded his hands calmly in front of his perfectly fitted sport coat. “The Castle Alainn owners choose the monthly winners based on the submitted video essays and biographies. I understand that your sister entered you without your full understanding of the contest subtleties, Mr. Castillo, but either you stay as the authentic prize winner, or unfortunately, everyone—including Ms. Bradford—will have to return home post haste.”

Cole sent a look to Mya that promised reckoning.

Mya beamed back.

Oh Jesus, his sister had tricked him.

Fix the discord. Ivy’s gaze fell upon a brochure for the Oktoberfest events going on in the resort village this week. She took a deep breath, then smiled at Cole, hoping the quivering edges of her lips weren’t too noticeable. “I was really looking forward to this week, so I’ll make you a deal.” She walked to the antique secretary, picked up the brochure, and pointed to the cover. “I bet I can beat you at the brat eating contest. It starts…” she opened to the schedule, “in forty minutes. If I win, you stay and help me document a week of outdoor adventures for my fourth graders. If you win, I will pack up my things and move to a different room at my own expense.” She stuck her hand out. “Deal?”

“That’s not a fair contest!” Mya exclaimed.

As Cole approached, the sudden amused warmth in his brownish-gold and green eyes made Ivy’s throat dry up. He placed a large, rough palm against hers, his fingers firm and assertive. “Deal.”


Thanks so much for reading! Have a super day, everyone! xo

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