Hard Men of the Rockies has arrived!!!

TANGO & LACE is LIVE—YAY!! TANGO is part of the HARD MEN OF THE ROCKIES series. Here are reviews of four of the five books in the series by Nikki’s Book Nook. 🙂

Nikki's Book Nook

13872960_1262825730397114_3172003740229690289_nTango & LacebyMisty Dietz(Goodreads Author)

Hotter than a Carolina Reaper Pepper!!!

Mya Castillo, sister of Cole from Flirting with Fire, is back with a bang. She is the neighbour of Jackson Whitesides gran and when her house is falling apart and she has a health scare, Mya and Cole, along with some of Rosies grandsons decide to get the place back into shape. But she forgot that one of those grandsons is Jackson Whiteside. After all out of sight is out of mind…right? But when he returns home after 2 years abroad Mya is flustered, panicked and desperate. Her current dance partner has been sidelined by a freak accident and she needs to win her latest dance competition. She and Jack used to make music together, on and off the dancefloor, but can she trust him with her heart again? Or Will he yet again choose his…

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