Unholy Proposal Cover Reveal

Whew, this book feels like a long time coming, and I’m excited to finally share it with you! If you’re a fan of the TV shows Supernatural and Lucifer, you might enjoy my thrilling new paranormal romance series that invites you into a darkly seductive world of angels and demons…and the flawed guardians who struggle to protect humanity and prevent Armageddon.

Book One releases April 25th, but is available for pre-order NOW! Book Two releases a month later in May.

Read chapter one of Nate and Jessie’s story here and Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! xoxo

silver glitter - shiny wallpapers for Christmas

Here’s the blurb:

Bumping into the Devil was something bartender/law student Jessie Blaze never expected. And go figure…he’s wickedly charming. Jessie just wants to finish school and take care of grandma and grandpa. But sexy night club owner Nate Temple tempts her with his heated touch, unholy proposal, and racy alliances—screwing everything up.

Nate Temple isn’t actually the Devil, but a supernatural demon hunter tasked with guarding humanity and a holy relic as punishment for being a first class bastard while human. When Lucifer’s son, Asmodeus, arrives from Hell to steal the relic, Nate faces the greatest challenge of his Guardianship…especially when the Demon Prince realizes just how much Jessie means to Nate.

Jessie can’t resist Nate’s dark secrets, wild spirit, and outrageous confidence in her. So when her man is threatened and called to save the world, there’s only one thing a modern woman can do…Dance with the Devil.


The book releases April 25th, but is available for pre-order now!



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