Unholy Proposal limited time sale for only 99c!

Holy cow, you guys! I’ve never put a book on sale before. <—–WHAT?! I know, right?

Well, there’s a first time for everything. And the time is NOW, gang. But only for 6 days. 😀

If you enjoy paranormal romance authors Nalini Singh or JR Ward, you might love this thrilling new series that invites you into a darkly seductive world of angels and demons…and the flawed guardians who struggle to protect humanity.

Book One features a wickedly sexy Brit, demon ass-kicking, dancing on nightclub counters, and an insecure, law-studying bartender who learns to believe in herself. Here’s the complete blurb and an excerpt.

This is your chance to grab it for only 99c!

unholy Proposal – UNHOLY INC book 1


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