Well done Burger King! #stopbullying

We’ve all been exposed to people who rant online. Usually it’s because they believe in something passionately…which of course isn’t bad, in and of itself. But a blustery delivery of that belief can be downright polarizing, right? I tend to tune out those who scream their beliefs or social justice concerns at me, and I think I’m not alone.

So what are we to do when we desire to bring awareness to issues? Let me introduce Exhibit A: “Bullying Jr.” by Burger King…

What I love about Burger King’s handling of this is the comparison between the human bullying and the food bullying. It’s so absurd it makes you stop and think. If 95 percent of people got up off their ass to complain about their food, why would only 12 percent come to the defense of a young kid? I get that a lot of people are uncomfortable with conflict, but Burger King’s comparison puts things in perspective. What’s really more important here?

The way the young woman handled the bullying boys was great. She didn’t come at them guns blazing. Her approach was firm, friendly, and polite. And she shook their hand. Making physical contact with someone creates connection which is so often lacking in our online world.

Burger King came at this in a way that used humor to demonstrate how we already stand up for something we think isn’t right (subpar food presentation)…and to apply this same behavior to a social issue that all of us know isn’t right.

I plan to share this video far and wide.

Well done Burger King! #stopbullying

Penny for your thoughts? :)

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