God is a Woman

Okay, I just *had* to post about Ariana Grande’s latest video. Have you seen it yet? If not, here ya go (and if you already have, go ahead and indulge again. I’ll wait.)

Back with me, yeah? Whatcha think?!

Gritty, sexy, imaginative, rife with religious symbolism, for sure. I actually love it, though I can’t decide if some parts are…cringy or just hilarious. The hurricane fingering. The kitty helmet juxtaposed with ‘power’ arm-length gloves. THE MOTHER ‘EFFIN SCREAMING GROUNDHOGS.

What the actual f*ck?

I love how she throws the gavel, shattering the glass ceiling. The tiny men hurling insults only bounce off her. I love that she’s surrounded by women of all skin colors in the Michelangelo remake. Especially love the scene where she’s dancing with a gospel-style choir. Most of all, I love that this video can help further dialogue about women’s empowerment and agency—that is, our ability to make effective choices and to transform those choices into desired outcomes. Self-determination, baby.

The lyrics are of a sexual slant, but this is pop culture, after all. Within this context, then, the song—and therefore the video—will have a very broad audience. The visual message—staunchly pro-woman—is a win for feminine empowerment. And that, my friends, is a good thing.

So yeah, I think I’ll have myself another listen. 🙂




Penny for your thoughts? :)

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