Unholy Burn (#4 in the Unholy Inc series) is LIVE!

Happy summer friends!

Unholy Burn—Book 4 in the Unholy Inc series—is READY! YAAAAS!

It seems like this one has been a long time coming. I’m so excited to share Spencer’s story with you. He definitely meets his match in Sydney—a woman who’s been kicking ass in a male-dominated field even while facing a lot of censure for her chosen occupation.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


He heats things up, and she burns’em down.

Proper English rogue, Spencer Jameson has walked the earth for 400 years. Way too bloody long to make amends for all his selfish choices, so it’s toodle-oo to this ridiculous Guardian of humanity business… Until a brains-in-blue-jeans, way-too-rational female mechanic gets cocked up in his business.

No-nonsense entrepreneur Sydney Ashby calls the shots in her life. But when a son of Lucifer uses her family in a bid to unleash Armageddon, she has no choice but to trust a smooth-talking British scoundrel who’s done things as terrible as the demons themselves.

As the demons unleash unmitigated calamity, Sydney and Fire-Guardian Spencer not only have to out-maneuver the evil gob shites…they also have to wend their way through their excessively untidy feelings for each other. And neither goes gently into that good night.


Read the first three chapters HERE.


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