Unholy Warrior (Unholy Inc #3) by Misty Dietz

First review for Unholy Warrior 🙂

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I heart this series so much! This one is especially close to my little classical history/mythology loving little heart!!!

Alexios may be the by blow of the king but he has been acknowledged by his father. That just sets him up to be a target for the spite of the Queen. She has her heart set on her daughters taking the throne, not the son of a slave.

Sophia is the daughter of the other ruling house of Sparta. The lines have never mingled before but Sophia has her heart set on Alexios and she also wants to revolutionise the way that Sparta is run and abolish the abandoning of children to the elements, amongst other things.

Sophia is no elegant maiden, she is clumsy and a klutz but so open hearted, everything a Spartan Princess should not be!

Alexios does his damnedest to avoid Sophia but he can’t help…

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Just. For. Fun!

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When I first heard Alessia Cara's "Scars To Your Beautiful,"  I was starting to envision Book 4 in the new paranormal romance series I'm working on (release to begin this summer! Yay!). While all good stories feature characters with internal scars, Jinx and Nicholai's book will really delve into the impact of our scars—how they shape our choices and how we [...]

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New Excerpt from the Guardian Series

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