Why it’s hard to pee after sex + 3 other awakenings I had this week

Ever orgasm, then head to the bathroom and sit...and sit...and sit? Well, I finally looked it up because...irritating. Turns out, when we orgasm, our body releases an antidiuretic hormone called vasopressin. This is to reduce the amount of water in our urine, raise our blood pressure, and constrict our blood vessels. Mind. Blown. But don't skip those post-coital toilet … Continue reading Why it’s hard to pee after sex + 3 other awakenings I had this week

Unholy Burn (#4 in the Unholy Inc series) is LIVE!

Happy summer friends! Unholy Burn—Book 4 in the Unholy Inc series—is READY! YAAAAS! It seems like this one has been a long time coming. I'm so excited to share Spencer's story with you. He definitely meets his match in Sydney—a woman who's been kicking ass in a male-dominated field even while facing a lot of censure for … Continue reading Unholy Burn (#4 in the Unholy Inc series) is LIVE!

Unholy Warrior (Unholy Inc #3) by Misty Dietz

First review for Unholy Warrior 🙂

Nikki's Book Nook

I heart this series so much! This one is especially close to my little classical history/mythology loving little heart!!!

Alexios may be the by blow of the king but he has been acknowledged by his father. That just sets him up to be a target for the spite of the Queen. She has her heart set on her daughters taking the throne, not the son of a slave.

Sophia is the daughter of the other ruling house of Sparta. The lines have never mingled before but Sophia has her heart set on Alexios and she also wants to revolutionise the way that Sparta is run and abolish the abandoning of children to the elements, amongst other things.

Sophia is no elegant maiden, she is clumsy and a klutz but so open hearted, everything a Spartan Princess should not be!

Alexios does his damnedest to avoid Sophia but he can’t help…

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Just. For. Fun!

So, doing a little research on YouTube today I came across something that made me smile (you'll deduce what that research entailed very shortly, haha! I love being a romance writer!!). Why can't this ever happen to me in a convenience store?! LOL Aaaaanyway, just thought I'd share. Enjoy, and make it great day everyone!! … Continue reading Just. For. Fun!


When I first heard Alessia Cara's "Scars To Your Beautiful,"  I was starting to envision Book 4 in the new paranormal romance series I'm working on (release to begin this summer! Yay!). While all good stories feature characters with internal scars, Jinx and Nicholai's book will really delve into the impact of our scars—how they shape our choices and how we … Continue reading Scars

I Asked, You Answered! Reader Survey Results

A few weeks ago, I asked my blog followers and newsletter subscribers what they want in their romances right now, and 49 of you wonderful people took the time to respond - THANK YOU!! I'd promised to share the numbers with you, so here they are. "Count" refers to 1 vote, and all votes came from USA readers. One … Continue reading I Asked, You Answered! Reader Survey Results

Gimme a piece of your mind! Misty’s Romance Reader Survey

Hey gang, with summer winding down and the start of school just around the corner (God bless all you teachers out there!), I'm in the early phase of plotting Book Two in my Northern Outlaws series, and it got me thinking...What do romance readers want right now? Big question, huh? But I'll never know if I don't ask, … Continue reading Gimme a piece of your mind! Misty’s Romance Reader Survey

Who’s ready to go FLIRTING WITH FIRE? New release + excerpt!

Hey gang, I'm so excited to announce that today is THE. DAY. my novella, FLIRTING WITH FIRE (along with the other four stories in the series) RELEASES!!! YAY!! This story was so much fun to write because the main characters constantly find themselves in playful situations...and the way they react gets them into trouble more often … Continue reading Who’s ready to go FLIRTING WITH FIRE? New release + excerpt!

Seven Things I’m Grateful for this Week

When life hurls one challenge after another at us, it's hard for even the most upbeat among us to stay positive. It's kinda been like that in my household lately. But last Saturday, when I woke up, the sun was shining and I was tired of feeling tired and beat down. I decided that instead of focusing on the … Continue reading Seven Things I’m Grateful for this Week

New Excerpt from the Guardian Series

Because I'm doing the absurd and waiting until every book is finished before I release the Elemental Guardian series, I figured I should at least scatter a few breadcrumbs from time to time. Here's a scene toward the beginning of TERRA (Book 1) where Jessie, a celebrated mixologist, finds out what Nate (her supernatural boss) has … Continue reading New Excerpt from the Guardian Series

Stay Away from Dean Winchester, He’s Mine

So, a couple of months ago I decided to see what all this "Supernatural" fuss was all about. Dude, bad move because now I'm hooked just like everyone else. (if you click on all the gifs, it will give them to you in a new window. Follow the link in the browser bar to … Continue reading Stay Away from Dean Winchester, He’s Mine

The Sex Appeal of Blue Collar Guys :)

Hey gang, I'm so excited that a post I wrote based on a super fun Facebook conversation was picked up by USA Today's Happy Ever After blog!! It's about the sexiness of men who work with their hands - and it's up today! I'd *love* to have some company out there.   Here's the link: Please … Continue reading The Sex Appeal of Blue Collar Guys 🙂

From Whence Came Zack?

One of my favorite aspects of starting a new writing project is creating the cast - their darkest fears, greatest strengths, and quirks of character. I usually start with basic archetypes and how that person is going to be perceived upon first impression. I drew inspiration for Zack Goldman, the hero in COME HELL OR … Continue reading From Whence Came Zack?

On Disappointment & Acceptance of Imperfection

So, a few days ago I returned home from what DH and I had not only long anticipated, but long-planned. Our first vacation in four years. Everything had been carefully orchestrated from our work schedules to who was going to look after the children. We were packed. We were ready. We were stunned. I'll spare … Continue reading On Disappointment & Acceptance of Imperfection

Classy, Charismatic Men…Nature or Nurture?

I like images of brawny, shirtless men just as much as the next girl, but really, there are certain men who can convey charisma, class, and sex appeal fully clothed. Such a man arrests us with his penetrating stare, his hint of a smile as though he can read our mind (yikes). Power and mystique … Continue reading Classy, Charismatic Men…Nature or Nurture?

Mars vs Venus: The Linear Thing. Whatevs.

A few weeks ago, DH came into the house from the garage asking me to come look at something. “Can’t. Cleaning the bathroom,” I said while clipping my fingernails and planning what to make for supper. “You’re kidding me. You started that two hours ago,” he replied incredulously.“So? It is a big ass bathroom you … Continue reading Mars vs Venus: The Linear Thing. Whatevs.

Music for Stripping

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” ~ Aldous Huxley Music is truly universal. Even if we don’t like a particular piece of music or understand the language, we intuitively understand its mood—what it’s trying to communicate via its unique combination of notes, rhythms, and beats. Today, for fun, I wanna focus on music … Continue reading Music for Stripping