Just. For. Fun!

So, doing a little research on YouTube today I came across something that made me smile (you'll deduce what that research entailed very shortly, haha! I love being a romance writer!!). Why can't this ever happen to me in a convenience store?! LOL Aaaaanyway, just thought I'd share. Enjoy, and make it great day everyone!! … Continue reading Just. For. Fun!

Unholy Proposal limited time sale for only 99c!

Holy cow, you guys! I've never put a book on sale before. <-----WHAT?! I know, right? Well, there's a first time for everything. And the time is NOW, gang. But only for 6 days. 😀 If you enjoy paranormal romance authors Nalini Singh or JR Ward, you might love this thrilling new series that invites … Continue reading Unholy Proposal limited time sale for only 99c!