Hire Me (freelance)

Twenty years in the dual roles of business writing and fiction authorship have forged me into a well-rounded wordsmith who sometimes enjoys writing more than her two teenaged spawn.

I’m totally kidding. Mostly.

I understand the importance of audience, and I know how to tailor content to its desired market. Time is precious, so I value crafting content that grabs readers right out of the gate and makes them feel whatever they need to feel at that moment. Maybe it’s heart-pounding anxiety while reading a suspense novel. Maybe it’s confidence and a sense of security when deciding on a potential business alliance.

Business content is never boring when you bring the right vibe, structure, and vocabulary to the communication.

Things that disrupt a reader’s flow: crap grammar, lack of focus, and lame personality (#longlivetheOxfordComma). I try not to do any of that. And being a Fargo, North Dakota girl, I’m punctual and polite. Yeah, you betcha!

My favorite part of freelancing is learning about my clients’ purpose, goals, and culture. Armed with that understanding, I help my clients strive toward their highest potential.

I look forward to helping you breathe new life into your creative projects.

Wordsmithing Experience:
  • MA in English
  • BA in Mass Communications and English
  • Creative writing (7 published novels)
  • Business ghost writing (industries: IT, staffing, construction, long term care)
  • Developmental Editing (business and commercial fiction)
  • Copy Editing/Proofreading
  • Blogging
  • Podcast scripting
  • Social Media communications (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram primarily)
  • Social Interview scripting
  • Copy writing (blurbs, pitches, ad copy)
  • College-level composition instruction
  • Newspaper Journalism

Want to chat about a project? Hit me up at misty @ mistydietz.com 🙂