NORTHERN OUTLAWS Series – romantic suspense

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COME HELL OR HIGH DESIRE (NORTHERN OUTLAWS #1) — romantic suspense with mild paranormal elements. A blue-jeans-wearing CEO is framed for murder, and the only one who can exonerate him is a reluctant psychic who is damn well not gonna sacrifice her own secrets.



What Book Reviewers are saying about COME HELL OR HIGH DESIRE:

The journey Zack and Sloane undertake is as emotionally raw as any I have ever read. The action is fast and furious. It keeps you guessing and second guessing throughout the entire book. The chemistry between Zack and Sloane is explosive and beautiful. There is also a mild paranormal element which just put the cherry on top. All in all, Come Hell or High Desire was a welcome surprise and a book I definitely recommend. ~ Review by Rage Sex and Teddy Bears

I found myself glued to the story. I had to know who was the real culprit. I have to admit I was shocked and really didn’t see it coming. Serious, you would think it was one person, the next thing that person gets killed off. A nail biter of a story. I love the chemistry between Zack and Sloane. ~ Review by What I’m Reading

This book was absolutely a high-octane thrill ride of paranormal romantic suspense with great characters and a sizzling romance that wowed me in a lot of very awesome ways. ~ Review by One Good Book Deserves Another

The twists and turns that are in the story will have you wondering which end is up. This is definitely a story that you will not figure out until it is slapping you right in the face! The intense chemistry between the two heroes is high combustible! They practically sizzle when they are near each other. ~ Review by Teen Blurb