From Whence Came Zack?

One of my favorite aspects of starting a new writing project is creating the cast - their darkest fears, greatest strengths, and quirks of character. I usually start with basic archetypes and how that person is going to be perceived upon first impression. I drew inspiration for Zack Goldman, the hero in COME HELL OR … Continue reading From Whence Came Zack?

Mars vs Venus: The Linear Thing. Whatevs.

A few weeks ago, DH came into the house from the garage asking me to come look at something. “Can’t. Cleaning the bathroom,” I said while clipping my fingernails and planning what to make for supper. “You’re kidding me. You started that two hours ago,” he replied incredulously.“So? It is a big ass bathroom you … Continue reading Mars vs Venus: The Linear Thing. Whatevs.