Misty’s New Year’s Smackdown.

Happy 2014! *blows kisses* I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I am all over that shit because I'm soooo sick of clutter in my life. Right now, with the exception of a few sentimental items, I could almost burn my whole house down and start over with a clean slate. I'm … Continue reading Misty’s New Year’s Smackdown.

A People-Pleaser Pow-wow

Are you the peace-keeper in your circles? The voice of calm and reason when tensions run high, trying to smooth the bullshit between those who butt heads? If you say, yes, gather round the monitor. I’ve brought virtual cookies and milk (or doughnuts and coffee if you don’t like the first option, because I’d hate … Continue reading A People-Pleaser Pow-wow