From Whence Came Zack?

One of my favorite aspects of starting a new writing project is creating the cast - their darkest fears, greatest strengths, and quirks of character. I usually start with basic archetypes and how that person is going to be perceived upon first impression. I drew inspiration for Zack Goldman, the hero in COME HELL OR … Continue reading From Whence Came Zack?

Classy, Charismatic Men…Nature or Nurture?

I like images of brawny, shirtless men just as much as the next girl, but really, there are certain men who can convey charisma, class, and sex appeal fully clothed. Such a man arrests us with his penetrating stare, his hint of a smile as though he can read our mind (yikes). Power and mystique … Continue reading Classy, Charismatic Men…Nature or Nurture?